Interview With Progressive Philly DA Candidate

Philadelphia’s historically corrupt and racist criminal justice system is finally showing signs of cracking. In recent campaigning for Philadelphia District Attorney, the tough-on-crime messaging used by candidates of the past has been replaced by appeals for prisoner’s rights and calls for the end of mass incarceration. Larry Krasner, the winner of the Democratic primary for DA, stood out from the field of candidates by giving the most progressive vision for criminal justice reform. Following in the footsteps of progressive DAs like Kamala Harris, Krasner has a chance to radically change the system in Philly and could stand as a model for other cities.

To learn about Krasner and his political platform, listen to this interview between journalist Daniel Denvir and Krasner. In the interview, Krasner talks about mass incarceration, sentencing reform, and the politics of District Attorney offices.