What we do!

  • Document and Expose Instances of Police Brutality and Misconduct.

If you or someone you know has been mistreated by police, whether it was a wrongful arrest, unlawful use of force, or an officer treating you without the civility and respect you deserve, we will record your side of the story and MAKE SURE that your story is told.  On the streets, in the media, and in court, we use our collective voice to tell the truth about civilian interactions with police.

  • Push for Sane and Safe Policing Practices.  

For too long, we have been treated like enemies in our own neighborhoods.  This attitude in policing has proven especially harmful to people of color, working class people, LGBT people, and those who are differently able.  Furthermore, there is a demonstrable lack of accountability within the Rochester Police Department, as complaints about the RPD can only be investigated and prosecuted by the RPD themselves, who are in the majority white males who live outside of the city.  As part of a city-wide coalition of social justice and faith groups called Coalition for Police Reform(CPR), we are pushing for an independent civilian review board with subpoena power in Rochester and accurate recording of non-arrest police stop data.  Having a review board will make civilians and police officers safer, by establishing the accountability and trust necessary to promote peace on our streets.  MILITANT AND UNACCOUNTABLE POLICING PROTECTS NO ONE!

  • Advocating and Supporting Civilian Monitoring of Everyday Police Interactions. 

Those police that do not treat civilians with the respect and civility they deserve get away with it because they control the narrative surrounding every stop and arrest.  By closely watching police interactions when they occur, and recording the truth of these interactions, whether with a camera or just as an eye-witness, we accomplish two things.  First, it can serve to deescalate violent encounters and keep civilians and officers safe.  Second, it provides a fair record of events that can be used in court as  evidence supporting claims of all parties involved in a law enforcement stop.  We are currently developing a training and a resource network to help citizens safely monitor police in their own neighborhoods.

  • Courtroom Support and Community Building.

We are not a service provider.  We aren’t lawyers, or career case workers.  We are a group of Rochesterians like yourself who have come together to help each other cope with and fight against an unjust and dangerous situation in our streets.  We support victims of police brutality and misconduct in and out of court because we see your struggle as part of an ongoing collective struggle for liberation.

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