Justice For Benny Warr Fundraiser

Pictures of Benny Warr, Nina Warr, and the Rochester Hall Of Justice.

Benny Warr pushes through chronic pain every day that stems from police brutality. The officers who assaulted him are STILL employed by the RPD. Consider donating to his GoFundMe page.

It has been over 7 years and there is still no justice for Benny Warr.

In 2013, while waiting for a bus, Benny Warr was thrown from his wheelchair by RPD officers and assaulted. It was all caught on camera. None of the officers were disciplined for their actions. One officer involved has over 25 complaints of excessive force against him, and he is still an RPD officer to this day.

Benny filed a lawsuit against the City of Rochester and RPD to collect damages for the injuries he sustained. Benny’s leg was injured during the assault and now is damaged to the point of being susceptible to gangrene, making it hard or impossible to use his prosthetic leg. In a vicious trail in which the prosecution was admonished for their behavior, an all-white jury granted that officers broke Benny’s civil liberties but awarded him no money in damages. This is devastating to Benny and his family, who are still paying for medical costs related to the injuries.

Enough Is Enough started a GoFundMe raise much needed funds for Benny and his family—you can donate at https://bit.ly/bennyfund.

Enough Is Enough is also calling for the officers to be fired (City Council has the power to fire officers). It is unacceptable that they remain on the force 6 years later. Donate today so that Benny can get some relief. And join us in calling for the officers to be fired so this never happens again.

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