Enough Is Enough · Rochester, NY

Enough Is Enough members stand together.

Enough Is Enough is a Rochester, New York community organization dedicated to providing mutual aid to people impacted by police misconduct. We provide court support, advice on navigating the criminal justice system, and advocate for policy changes in coalition with other community organizations while centering the voices of those most impacted.

Due to limited availability of members, regular EIE operations are currently on hiatus or at limited capacity.

What we do

Holding hands.

Support Survivors of Police Misconduct

It is our mission to support people abused by police.

Name 'Em and Shame 'Em, Volunteer Worshop, Help us collect stories of RPD misconduct. Last Tuesday of each month. Sign up for Zoom link.

Name ‘Em & Shame ‘Em

Building a database of reported police misconduct incidents.

Efforts we support

Police Accountability Board Alliance.

Police Accountability Board Alliance

A coalition of groups and affected individuals supporting the PAB.

Juma speaks about ending Project Exile.

End Project Exile

Project Exile imposes federal convictions for local cases and contributes to mass incarceration.

Past campaigns

Art of Rylea.  End the Prosecution of All BLM Protesters.


A trans anti-fascist activist targeted by law enforcement for supporting BLM protests.

The front of the U S Supreme Court.

Police Accountability Board Proposal

A proposal to replace the failing police misconduct review system.

Police car.

Abolish Law 50-a

Law 50-a shielded Rochester police officers from scrutiny by blocking access to police records.