Help Get Plush Out of Solitary

Erica Bryant from Democrat and Chronicle today published a story on Plush Dozier, whose sister we have been working with at Enough Is Enough. This article is a heartbreaking story about Plush a young man with serious mental illness who is currently in solitary confinement at Attica Prison without ever being convicted of a crime. It’s a story about how prisons and jails fail people with mental illness. It’s a story about how solitary confinement is used as a tool to punish people with mental illness. This must stop!

read the article here .

Enough Is Enough has been working with Plush’s family to find ways forward to make sure Plush is safe. With Plush’s sister Shonda, we made two goals: 1) get Plush transferred out of Attica and 2) raise funds for a legal defense. Please read Erica Bryant’s article on Plush and then donate to this GoFundMe, so that we can help Plush’s family get Plush transferred out of Attica to another facility: here.

We also encourage people to call the Genesee County Jail Superintendent William Zipfel and ask that he transfer Plush to a mental health facility or Monroe County Jail where he can be closer to family and receive proper medical care. At this rate, Plush can be in solitary confinement in Attica for many more months before his trial. William Zipfel has the power to move pretrial inmates to other facilities. Please call William Zipfel at (585) 343–0838 (press 2 for his phone according to instructions).

Please help us amplify this case. Solitary confinement needs to end and there are many campaigns in NY to reform it. Stories like Plush’s help people realize the horrors of solitary.