RPD Brutality Caught on Tape Again

David Vann never expected to find himself handcuffed and viciously assaulted by three Rochester police officers over a dispute with a store clerk. He also didn’t expect to be held in jail for five months and charged with felony assault against a police officer. He was found not guilty of all charges in 2017. Now, he’s suing the city. Read more here.

Watch the store surveillance video of officers Kester, Drake, and Mitchell viciously assault Mr. Vann. You should know that all three officers are still active and employed by the Rochester Police Department. Officer Kester was promoted to the rank of investigator on May 16, 2017.

Call Rochester City Council at: (585) 428-7538 and tell them to pass the proposed Police Accountability Board with these five pillars:
1) an independent agency of the city, separate from the Rochester Police Department;
2) independent investigative authority;
3) subpoena power;
4) the power discipline officers who are found to have committed misconduct;
5) assess and review RPD policy and procedures and make recommended changes.

Call Mayor Warren while your at it: (585) 428-7045

And express yourself to Chief of Police Michael Ciminelli: (585) 428-7033

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