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Who we are:

Enough Is Enough is a Rochester, New York community organization dedicated to providing mutual aid to people impacted by police misconduct. We provide court support, advice on navigating the criminal justice system, and advocate for policy changes in coalition with other community organizations while centering the voices of those most impacted.

Currently we are working with several people who have cases involving police misconduct going through the legal system. On the policy reform side of things, we are working on the following projects:

  • ending Project Exile, a local sentencing policy that contributes to mass incarceration in Monroe County
  • establishing the Rochester Police Accountability Board, a civilian board with the unprecedented power to review and administer discipline in cases of police misconduct. Update: the Police Accountability Board Referendum passed this November wth an overwhelming 70 percent of the vote! Together with the PAB Alliance, we are working on its implementation.
  • repealing NY State Law 50-A, which prevents public disclosure of police disciplinary record in New York state. We are working on this project with a statewide coalition of organizations.

You can read more about our work below or join us at a meeting. All are welcome!


End Project Exile

Project Exile contributes to mass incarceration in Monroe County.

Support Survivors of Police Misconduct

It is our mission to support people abused by police.

Police Accountability Board

A proposal to replace the failing system of police misconduct review.

Abolish Law 50-a

Law 50-a shields Rochester police officers from scrutiny by blocking access to police records.